As long as you follow all the tips and strategies in the correct orders of the lesson, you should have fairly comprehensive knowledge of the exam. However, to achieve the high mark, we recommend that you also perfect your grammar, extensively improve your vocabulary, fix any possible mistakes in your writing styles and apply the tips shown on this website.
If you have to take the 3 components of IELTS in a day, it can be quite stressful.
So don’t try to write too long to show your language proficiency or try to impress the examiner with your long, flowery writing. You only need to be correct, precise and coherent in your writing and speech. Know what to focus on, and you can definitely gain a high score.

You don’t always need to attend a class to achieve a high score and the website provides almost everything fundamental required in the structure of an IELTS Essay. However, if you aim for a high mark, you need to practise a lot of essay markings, and someone needs to help you to fix the mistakes.
There are 8 main on-line lessons for learners to learn in IELTS Writing skill, systematically arranged in the correct order of how you should learn to write Task 1 and Task 2 essays.
We recommend that you do not skip lessons or learn Lesson 8 before Lesson 7.

How to learn?
 ·  Listen to the tips carefully
 ·  Read the essay structure on the left carefully.
 ·  Start writing some essays to follow these structures
 ·  You can then use our Essay Marking service to detect your problems.
 ·  Improve your vocabulary with our recommended IELTS books.
 ·  Subscribe to our youtube channel as we usually have monthly video clips to help you improve your grammar, or how to fix some common issues in your writing styles. WE only publish these clips monthly on youtube and not on our websites.
Thank you and we wish you good luck with your IELTS studying!