“I had been struggling with my writing so I enrolled into the intensive short course on academic writing at Sydney Language Solution. The course was not only well structured to address all the problem areas but also gave plenty of opportunity for customized learning. Soon after I scored my desired score of 7 in Academic writing in IELTS.” – Alia Islam (June 2014) 


“SLS has a very good program for IELTS review. The lecturers are very motivating and they have broad knowledge of the subject matter. They give a lot of practice and enrolling in SLS is really a great choice for IELTS preparation”

– Mhkie (March 2014)



“I can recommend Sydney Language Solutions to anyone preparing for IELTS test. I took 3 weeks preparation course in September 2010 and benefited greatly. The course included lots of smart tips and strategies and final result was excellent since I achieved 7.5 overall score in Academic IELTS. I enjoyed small classes and motivating teachers. My writing skill improved significantly and I am really grateful to excellent teacher Na Pham”

–  Svetlana Kuljic (2013 intake)


“I am so happy to have a great study experience in Sydney Language Solutions. Thank them for helping me get the IELTS scores which I almost did not dare to expect. The classes here are so flexible that I can easily pick the course I am interested in, and the teachers are so friendly and always happy to help. What I get from here is not only the strategy but also the confidence. I also made some friends there, so we can work together to achieve our goals.”

– Vicky Xiao Xue (2013 intake)


“I had a great learning experience at the Sydney Language Solutions, it is a great place to polish up your writing skills and IELTS examination skills. After three weeks of intensive training, my writing skills experienced a significant improvement. My writing tutor Na Pham is a responsible and motivated teacher. On 16 April, 2011, I received 8 in IELTS academic writing. Thank you (Na) for your patience and advice.”

– Louisa Tong (2013 intake)



“After I attended a three weeks course and several Sunday classes at Sydney Language Solutions, my writing scores in IELTS were improved significantly from band 6 to 6.5 and finally to 7. During the course, I not only learned a great deal of useful writing skills but the teacher also corrected my mistakes through consistent practice of writing. The writing teacher, Miss Na Pham, is an excellent English teacher who gave me a tremendous amount of academic writing knowledge as well as mental support. Na, I really appreciate your diligent work and patience, thank you very much.”

                                                    – Cambie Chan (2013 intake)



“Sydney Language Solutions is a great place to prepare for IELTS. I did improve significantly after taking 2 courses here. I finally manage to get 7.5 at the end. Thank you all SLS teachers. My score is Speaking 7.0 and Listening 7.5 Writing 7.0 & Reading 8.0.”

– Dai Vo Nghia (2013 intake)




“Sydney Language Solutions is a good place to learn IELTS. I improve in all skills and get band 7 for my result in May 2011.  Small class with dedicated teachers. Thank you very much.”

– Charlotte (2013 intake)





“I was devastated and frustrated about my writing before I joined the classes in Sydney Language Solutions. After almost 5 weeks intensive training and practice, my writing skills improved significantly from 6.5 to 7. I am very grateful for Na Pham’s consistent work and patience for teaching. Without Na, I would never be able to achieve 7 in writing and 8 overall. Thanks again Na!”

– Ninan Su (2013 intake)


“I just want to send a big THANK YOU to Na Pham for her great lessons and effort in teaching her students which helped me achieve 7 on writing in the IELTS exam. The classes were very useful for me. Na gives us key tips and advice to achieve higher on writing so if you follow her instructions and study a bit hard you have a great chance to get your desired result as well. I recommend her classes to everyone. ”

– Karen Rocho (2013 intake)


“Sydney Language Solutions taught me a great lesson on how to handle all four components in IELTS in order to get the mark I desired.  I would definitely recommend my friends to join the IELTS Preparation Course with Sydney Language Solutions. My final IELTS score is 7.5 for listening, 8.0 for writing, 8.5 for reading and 7 for speaking.”

– Darren Lai (2013 intake)



“I’ve received my results today, which just made me happier by seeing a score of 8, 8, 7 & 7.

My learning journey with you and SLS would have continued had I been continuing to stay in Australia. It was not mere preparation of IELTS for me. You boosted my confidence (and I believe of everybody else’s as well) by your honest rating of the essays and pinpointing the problem most of the times. My heartfelt thank you to you”

                                                  – Deepak Agrawal (2013 intake)



“I took the IELTS writing course and it worked wonder. From 6 and 6.5, I finally achieved 7.5 after 4 classes. Na Pham taught hundreds of useful hints (and homework!) and actually gave time to mark each one of them as well as positive criticism for every student. The course was worth every single cent. I have recommended the course to everyone I know since then. Thank you so much for your help Na Pham. Leona. – 9.11.2011″

– Leona Djajadi (2013 intake)


“As per my experience, Sydney Language Solutions is one of the best institutes which prepare students with up to date IELTS requirements. I joined the classes here with an aim to get 7 bands in each module which I achieved after 3 weeks preparation classes. I improved my score in reading and writing from 6 to 7. My special thanks to Na, Luis and Nicholas for inspiring and guiding me to accomplish my goal. – 8.1.2012″

– Kuntal Patel (2013 intake)


Testimonial Videos from our students: